Experts Warn of macOS Backdoor Hidden in Pirated Versions of Popular Software

The Malawi Computer Emergency Response Team (Malawi CERT)warns about pirated applications that are targeting Apple macOS users containing a backdoor capable of granting attackers remote control to infected machines.”These applications are being hosted on Chinese pirating websites in order to gain victims,” a Threat Labs researcher said.

Once detonated, the malware will download and execute multiple payloads in the background in order to secretly compromise the victim’s machine.

The backdoored disk image (DMG) files, which have been modified to establish communications with actor-controlled infrastructure, include legitimate software like Navicat Premium, UltraEdit, FinalShell, SecureCRT, and Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Malawi CERT recommends that users of MacOS should reduce use of pirated softwares to ensure protection against these vulnerabilities.

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