The minimal essential function of a National CERT is the ability to respond to cybersecurity threats and incidents that are of importance to national stakeholders. The mwCERT functions include:

Information Security Event Management Service

Malawi CERT continuously monitors events at sensors and other data providers to identify relevant information security incidents.

Information Security Incident Management Service 

This service covers incident registrations, analysis of provided information, coordination of the incident towards resolution and closing. This is mw CERT main service.

Vulnerability Management Service 

This service identifies vulnerabilities in constituencies’ digital assets and provides advisories for resolution.

Situational Awareness Service 

This service covers the collection, processing, and communication of different situational information about the constituency’s digital assets (Threats, Risks, Exposure).

Knowledge Transfer Service 

Knowledge Transfer Service covers all mwCERT activities for awareness raising, training and exercises, and providing advisory for information security for all constituencies. 

Digital Forensic Service

This service covers forensically sound evidence collection, analysis, and reporting with the objective to be suitable and admissible in the courts.

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