Kaseye Girls Secondary School

#MACRA’s Safer Internet Day 2024 has not left any part of the country. The north also had a share of the outreach activities which were being conducted in several secondary schools across the region.
In the north, the exercise was conducted in partnership with Youth-Watch Society and reached Kaseye Girls Secondary School in Chitipa.

The outreach team again had an exciting encounter with learners at the school. Kaseye is the first Secondary School in the Northern Region with Free WIFI courtesy of World Bank. This entails that children have accessibility to digital communication services.

The team encouraged the students to be SMART online to ensure that they are safe by not sharing any personal information, avoid being open to strangers they meet online and accepting strange links online.
The team also urged the students to only share information from reliable sources and report to a parent, teacher or the police if they encounter anything suspicious online.

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