Ludzi Secondary School

Students from Ludzi Secondary School sent out a clarion call for a safer online space, arguing: “If we as young people suffer online violence, we cannot grow into productive citizens.”

The Girls sent out the call during a cyber safety awareness outreach held at the school. The outreach was organized by #MACRA in partnership with local NGOs involved in children and youth protection and reached out to selected secondary schools across Malawi. The Ludzi Girls students highlighted the urgency of ensuring online safety for girls as this can help secure their future which otherwise could be threatened. They further urged their fellow youths to be cautious of who they are linking-up with online, to avoid abuse.

The Centre for Youth and Children’s Affairs (CEYCA) led the team which engaged the students during the exercise, the  Executive Director Desmond Mhango said both the nation and parents expect youths to be careful and avoid watching prohibited channels or materials through online platforms.

Mhango said the online safety outreach is targeting the youths because they are very important to the development of the nation. Going by the questions and issues raised by the students it is apparent that the exercise is achieving its intended goals and objectives.

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