Macra Hosts a Get Safe Online Ambassador Training

MACRA Director General Daud Elvin Suleman challenged local content creators that the ball is in their hands to move the country towards that “beautiful digital economy.”

If you ask any social media influencer, the dream is to one day make big money through content monetization. And this is possible. Unfortunately, this is an animal that has been so elusive within the local content creation equation as currently Malawi is not among monetized countries and there are so many factors at play.

“There are just a few things we are getting wrong, if we get those few things right then we will be able convince the big tech to pay us for our content,” he said. Suleman also said that although the country is disadvantaged by not being monetized yet, that should provide a strategic position for creators to build a strong foundation. He said among several others, creators should create content that is relevant, truthful and of impact to their market while at the same time creating a media space that the citizens have trust and confidence in.

Suleman also advised that content creators should always be aware of the concept of changing times, the developments going on around them, the new laws governing their activities, and the state of the citizens who he said is always evolving.

MACRA, through Malawi Computer Emergency Response Team (mwCERT), organized a day long Get Safe Online Ambassadors Training workshop in Salima for social media influencers and content creators on how to protect themselves while on social media platforms.

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