Mchinji Secondary School

In Mchinji, it was another interesting and eye-opening encounter when the online safety outreach team visited Mchinji Secondary School. After the session, students pleaded for more open engagement and interface on cyber security, saying the exchange with the #MACRA outreach team has been an eye opener.

The joint cyber safety awareness outreach were being held in collaboration with local NGOs with the aim of sensitizing students on online safety, security and cyber hygiene best practices.In his key presentation, Yorghas Foundation Regional Director Moses Busher indicated that most students commit cybercrimes mainly because of lack of knowledge. Mr Busher cited an example of people sharing, receiving and keeping materials that are not appropriate like nude pictures and pornographic materials, without knowing that such acts are against the laws.”This is committing a cybercrime,” he told the students.

The facilitators advised the students to avoid giving out personal details to strangers as they could face the risk of being hacked or bullied. The awareness campaign is an ongoing exercise targeting selected secondary schools across Malawi as part of the Safer Internet Day 2024 commemoration whose main activity was on Tuesday 6th February.

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