Ntcheu Secondary School

As the national Safer Internet Day 2024 school outreach program continues, Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) was on Monday at Ntcheu Secondary School.

During the interface with the students from the school, it was revealed that students are among the main target of mobile money fraudsters, with most of them reporting to have fallen victim to the malpractice.Speaking during the outreach event, Head Teacher for the school Mr. Jilles Puma revealed that students have not been spared from mobile money fraud which has seen them losing money to tricksters.

#MACRA organized the outreach program in collaboration with non-governmental organizations that deal with issues affecting children.“As Ntcheu Secondary School, we are grateful to #MACRA for coming to sensitize our students who have been victims of mobile fraud,” said Puma.

He added: “We believe from now onwards, our students will never be defrauded again as they will now be aware of how to protect themselves when using their gadgets.”Recently, the Regulatory Authority discovered that Malawians lose around K120 million to professional scammers who have built a network of their own to exploit vulnerabilities in the mobile money system.

The facilitators of the outreach activities have been encouraging students to be careful each time they transact using mobile money and ensure that the passwords are kept safe.

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